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They don’t swim here anymore…

Today, a little something different.  That is, I’ve decided to infuse a little more creative license into my work (beyond merely HDR), and I’ve decided to address some questions from folks who posed HDR, URBEX and general photography related questions.  So, first, today’s “pretty” picture, and below that, responses to a few questions from you […]

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Remains of the Day

I had actually intended to post another image today, but chose to post-process and upload this one instead, following a great question I received on Twitter today.  The, in short:  When shooting HDR brackets in low light environments, would I rather open the aperture more, or would I rather increase the ISO, if trying to […]

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Does this dress make me look fat?

I’m one of those dudes who has GOT to TAKE a picture every day, or I get antsy.  Heck, I don’t even care if I ever process it!  It’s the sheer joy of looking at (or creating) a scene to shoot, assessing the light, framing the shot, and pressing the shutter.  Oh, that sweet sound […]

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Shadows jumpin’ all over the walls…

Here’s another shot from the really cool Sanatorium “H”.  So much to shoot there, I know I’ll have to hit it again soon.  Take this great hall for example.  I’m shooting this from about the middle of the hall, so you can imagine how long it is.  It’s realllllly looooooooong!  One of the guys I […]

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One good chair deserves another…

So last night, my good friend and Boston-based URBEX-photographer, Bob Lussier, told me he had a surprise in store for me.  And, knowing me well, he did not disappoint, busting out an awesome set of brackets of a comfy chair he shot in the supervisor’s office at Stone Mill with another of our URBEX buddies, […]

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