That Little Red Dot

In my continuing effort to broaden my photographic skill set, I’ve been shooting a little bit of everything, rather than forcing myself to stick with shooting only Urbex.  Today, I decided to see what I could shoot around the house, and I’ll post some of the shots I’ve come away with here on the blog.  Just like I spent some time playing with my 50mm lens recently, I chose, this time, to shoot with my 90mm Macro lens.  This allowed me the chance to look at things much more closely than I usually do, which gave me all sorts of cool ideas.  Instead of wondering what to shoot, I started to see photographic possibilities in almost everything, from the tip of a knife, to the edges of a flower petal.  I might even post some of those later today, but for now I’ll leave you with a shot of my favorite pocket camera, my trusty Leica D-Lux 5.

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OMG Love the Leica… 🙂

That’s top notch camera porn!

Im with V, that shot is delicious

that’s fun!! love the red dot 🙂

sweet image -great focal point with the macro. Excellent

Leica, mmmmm!! Glad you all dig it as well; I’m hoping to one day be able to shoot an M-Leica body with a nice 50mm 1.4. They make such wonderful cameras and lenses.

BEAUTIFUL! When my mom and dad first met, she bought him a 35MM Leica. He loved that camera his whole life. He was a really great amateur photographer who should have done it professionally. We do what we do at The Hollow because of him and that camera, so to me this picture is very personal. Great stuff, thanks Jacques!

Wow! Way cool story, Scott! What an impact your dad’s photography made, and what a mom for buying him a Leica! I’ll bet he carried it everywhere with him!

Oh, THAT little red dot.

Great image, Jacques. Now, use the Leica to take a picture of your HDR rig and go full-circle on us.


Now THAT’s a great idea, Rob! I may just have to do that! Maybe that can be today’s image.

Really like the macro shot! Has a nice graphical quality with the different shapes, and I like the contrast created by the red logo against the black camera. Nicely done!

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