One good chair deserves another…

So last night, my good friend and Boston-based URBEX-photographer, Bob Lussier, told me he had a surprise in store for me.  And, knowing me well, he did not disappoint, busting out an awesome set of brackets of a comfy chair he shot in the supervisor’s office at Stone Mill with another of our URBEX buddies, Jacob Lucas (here’s Jacob’s awesome version).  Both of them know how much I love photographing forgotten chairs, and both were kind enough to think of me while they were out there having fun.  Meanwhile, poor ol’ me was stuck shooting old abandoned sanatoriums and former cold-war era Russian Nuclear missile bases all day in former East Germany.  While there was nary a chair to be found at Sanatorium “H”, I did finally find this little guy looking for his daddy.  Little did he know that his daddy was being photographed far across the ocean by Bob and Jacob.  I think it’s time we got them back together!!

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This is great! And thanks for the link back.

I must say, I would love to trade places for a day. I’ll shoot the sanatoriums and former cold-war era Russian Nuclear missile bases, you shoot the mills.

Great stuff.

Awesome stuff Jacques!

Dude…. I can’t tell you how much I love this. Awesome image. Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

Thanks, fellas. Bob, you know the sayin’… grass is always greener, and all! I know I’ll miss it here when I return State side, but I also look forward to the great things on offer, like all those great mill destinations you are so famous for!!

Such a cool shot!

Hahahah, awesome 🙂

Great shot too…amazing placement.

So awesome. Just a cool shot all around!