Shadows jumpin’ all over the walls…

Here’s another shot from the really cool Sanatorium “H”.  So much to shoot there, I know I’ll have to hit it again soon.  Take this great hall for example.  I’m shooting this from about the middle of the hall, so you can imagine how long it is.  It’s realllllly looooooooong!  One of the guys I was shooting with guessed it was a good 500 meters long, and I wouldn’t doubt it.  By the way, the tune for the day is Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), by the brilliant group Arcade Fire.  If you’ve never listened to their work, do check it out.  The name of this song comes from one of the lines from that song, I should note.

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I like the play of light in the hallway on this shot!!

This is so good, it’s better than chocolate! And chocolate is awesome Jacques. Love it, my friend.

This is awesome my friend… you never cease to amaze me!!!!

Amazing depth and textures. The light play is fantastic! Definitely one of my favorites.

Love shots like this – long corridor and great foreground interest on the left and right. SWEET!

Can’t beat a good corridor shot and this is no exception. Love the pools of light and shade. Nice work!

Thanks, fellas! I really did love that corridor, especially the color and texture on the left wall. I also really liked the various colors ranging from very warm tones to very cool at the end. Definitely begged to be captured!