Does this dress make me look fat?

I’m one of those dudes who has GOT to TAKE a picture every day, or I get antsy.  Heck, I don’t even care if I ever process it!  It’s the sheer joy of looking at (or creating) a scene to shoot, assessing the light, framing the shot, and pressing the shutter.  Oh, that sweet sound of the click of the shutter.  So sublime.   I’ve captured a subject — a look, a gesture, a glance, a beam of light, a shadow — that has never existed precisely  the same way before and will never exist the same way ever again.  Mere seconds later, the sun dipped further, the shadows shifted, the temperature cooled, and the moment was gone…. forever.  But I will always have it in my little black box of a camera, and now that I’ve processed it, you can share that very moment with me as well.  It’s almost like being there!

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That is so creepy and yet I can’t stop looking at the photo. Nice job dude!

I actually had started cracking up when I looked at the LCD right after the shot, because that title just popped into my head out of no where at that moment. It was the whole hair thing and the ridiculousness of that question that sealed it as the title.

It is a creepy doll! Great narrative to go with it. Very telling!

And a sense of humor too? Love the processing & the perspective (it does make her look fat!)

There is something so insanely compelling about this image… Absolutely love it!

Creepy and crazy! Excellent PP you’ve applied and top hairdo. “Hair by Crazy Meg of Bedlam hair”(Blackadder reference) 🙂

Wow, I’m going to have nightmares now. Nice shot!

Ah, the sound of a high end shutter and a mirror flip, audio porn for the photographer.

Thanks again, all. I guess the narrative does tell a bit more about how I tick. And yes, Barbara, I even have a sense of humor. 😉 And Chris, don’t worry about those nightmares, since the doll does no more than spin her head around all the time!

Wayne: Perfectly said; though I have to admit I am also good with the click of a shutter (without a mirror slap) on a rangefinder camera.

Dave: Great reference to Black Adder the Third. That was a hilarious scene when Baldrick strolls in modeling the latest from Paris, including “Hair by Crazy Meg of Bedlam” and the “overpowering aroma of rotting pilchards” “woven cunningly into the ensemble”. Great show!

nice processing and focus – like your comments too – its often easy to forget the others wont see with their eyes what we have witnessed and captured.

I mentioned the creepiness of this shot when i first saw it on the other site, and now after seeing it in a larger size here i can only reiterate what i said before. Definitely a good shot which conveys lots of mood…

Jacques, you are one of the most prolific and inspiring photographers I’ve ever known. Really great image, albeit a touch on the creepy side, but that’s what brings the drama! Love it.

Awesome, Jacques. Love this creepy little toy!

Hey, guys. Thanks again for all the cool comments, and I’m glad you all found this… interesting!