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I’ve got the power…

Been awhile since I’ve posted an URBEX shot, so here’s one from the Soviet Military base “V”I explored recently.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this sprawling complex is full of great photo opportunities, one that would require several visits to do it any justice.  So many locations, so little time!

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Searchin’ for that train…

I have some great memories from my childhood, many of which seem to become more and more lucid the older I get, and the more I watch my own great kids grow.  One of my fondest memories was of the Christmas I got my first train set from “Santa” (thanks Mom and Dad; I love […]

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Salvador rides again…

What with the beautiful weather we’ve been having of late, I decided to explore Berlin a bit today during my lunch hour.  Not wanting to drag all my gear about with me, however, I carried only my little pocket Leica and my tripod.  I have to admit, I do love that little combo for its […]

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They call Me Trinity

Here’s another non-URBEX shot, this time of a cool little Russian Orthodox I found, yesterday, at the top of a hill just inside the woods in Potsdam, Germany.  It being Sunday today, I knew yesterday when I saw this place that I would process it for today.  This one, as you can probably tell, is […]

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Can you dig it?

Had the chance to run around the Potsdam, Germany area a bit today, looking for some interesting things to shoot.  Being a huge Tonka fan (back when they were made of metal and lots of sharp edges), I just had to run out into this construction zone to shoot this fella.  Can you dig it? […]

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