I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!!

I love running into great old machines like this one.  This particular beast is an old power generator that used to run the elevator just on the other side of the wall.  Seeing her reminded me of some of the great old Star Trek (original) episodes, where Scotty is in the engine room trying to do the impossible (which he always did), to get the Enterprise out of a sticky situation.  I imagine Scotty is probably the only one who could breath life into this old girl again!

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U have not abused of the light in the processing but the details are perfect ! Great rendering of light and shadows !

Processing here is fantastic. I LOVE the dark tones!

A little too dark for me. Slightly brighter might show more of what I’m sure is amazing detail.

Absolutely astonishing work, Jacques, I love it!

You are the king of crazy creepy and amazing hdr. Thank you for the daily inspiration!

Thanks, guys.

John: You’re right. Just a bit too dark!

I love the subject, but I agree with a couple other people who think it is just a tad too dark. My eye is drawn to the bright building on the outside and sort of glides over the generator. I’m not saying it should be really bright, but I think a bit brighter would help make the details on the machine stand out better.

Other Stunning shot from my big friend and inspiration…!!! Super

Wow, awesome processing! Love it!

Excellent work as always!