Where have all the children gone?

Today’s shot is for my youngest, who’s a huge fan of turtles.  I thought of her immediately when I spotted this and had to capture it for her.  I also tried to find a cheetah, my eldest daugther’s fav animal, but no luck this time around.  I’ll keep trying, sweetie!

UPDATE: For a little mood music, listen to Nox Arcana’s ‘Lullaby” here!

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Beautiful and disturbing. Nice shot!

nice processing as always Jacques . . great comp and cool that you though of your daughter when you happened on the turlte – bet of luck with your cheetah search!

This is Beautifull my friend…and I keep wondering, where are the kids? 😉

Great light from both sides of the hall and wonderfully processed!

Great stuff, Jacques. Love that your daughters favorite animals are a turtle and a cheetah. One will be a distance runner (slow and steady wins the race), the other a sprinter.

Great shot, Jacques! I really like the lighting and mood you’ve created.

Awesome corridor shot my friend! Excellent comp and the murals are such a great added feature. 🙂

Great shot. If your looking for animals to shoot for the kids I suggest the zoo! 😉

Thanks, my friends! IT was a very cool find for me, and yes seeing those shots there was a bit eerie, especially given the history of the place under the German SS in WWII!

Beautiful shot! Very eerie.