Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a bit focused on music by Nox Arcana of late.  Why?  I suppose several of their tunes have just fit with some of the work I’ve been putting out there for y’all lately.  Don’t worry, “brighter” music will come soon.  Just need to get this out of my system.  The shot I’ve posted here for you all today is from today’s shoot at Sanatorium “E”, a place I have not visited since last fall, ’cause it’s just too darn creepy.  Luckily, a good URBEX buddy of mine in Berlin was itching to visit the site as well, so off we went to see what we could see.  And, I was not disappointed.  Got there with some great light, and came back with this little number, my Serenade to all of you.  If you want some mood music to go with this one, check out the song that I listened to several times before the shoot, while processing and then again as I typed today’s blog entry; I give you Nox Arcana’s Starlight Serenade

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Beautiful light dude!

Outstanding picture, Jacques. I want to do that when I was older. The composition using the light directed to the chair is fantastic !

This is just fantastic, Jacques. The little sliver of light creating that shadow is fantastic, and the clarity in the chair and piano is unreal.

Wonderful work! It’s handy that board is over the window, without in the mood would be totally different; not to mention being a bugger to expose for. Great stuff coming from you at this location. Keep em coming. 🙂

Stunning image Jacques. Composition, light, tones and textures work perfectly together to make a fantastic shot. Love it!!

Another gorgeous play of shadow and light! well done my friend!

You crushed this shot, my man. Love every single thing about it.

Light, texture, tone, this image has it all. Great capture Jacques!

Nicely captured! I really like the way the beam of light hits the chair. Great image.

hmmm, by far the best shot from this place that I´ve seen.
Maybe the one I always wanted to take 🙂
Seriously, the composition, treatment, and light are outstanding, and there´s so much to see.
Brilliant work Jacques! Fave!

Man! I’m super stoked that you all like this one so much, because it just felt so right when I shot this one. It was as if everything clicked this time. I’m pretty sure this I’ll have this one printed on canvas by APCpro, and then hang it in my study!

Everything is spot on and it couldn’t hardly get any better! I guess this was really the right moment to be in that room. 10min later the light would have been gone. Congratulations on the result!

Wow, wonderful shot, Jacques! Love the lighting and framing!

Good Lord. This is an amazing shot! Jacques, you continue to amaze me.

Wow. This is really sublime, Jacques. Really…I’m speechless.

What a wonderful shot, Jacques…love how the shadow and light shines through this shot.

Beautiful perspective! Just wonderful!!

I really appreciate the time all of you have taken to enjoy this piece, and to leave comments.

Great shot! I love the shadows from the chair.

Your an amazing talent!

Everything about his is perfect. The pain peeling off the walls, the shadows, even the piano. Great photo!