Hoop Dreams

While exploring the old abandoned former Soviet Base “V”, I came across this great old gymnasium.  It was pretty clear that the Soviets here took their sports very seriously.  It’s no doubt one of the reasons that they were such a power house when it came to the Olympic Games.

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Really nice tones and composition!

Very cool image Jacques! That’s a colorful gym!

Outstanding, as always. Rocked this one hard, my man.

Whoaw, that’s breathtaking Jaques! I love the ceiling thing that’s dangling like that, it adds a boat-load of drama! Awesome work, my man!

Your treatment and use of light as always rock !

Wow, this is so cool. What an amazing find!

Outstanding, Jacques. You find the coolest places in your explorations.

WOW! This is just friggin awesome. Great perspective and wonderful processing. What a sweet shot!

Now THAT is a court!

Excellent image Jacques, certainly something I’ve never come across before. I’m wondering if the Olympic rings on the wall had anything to do with the controversial Games held in Moscow in the 1980 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1980_Summer_Olympics ? Funny enough I have a couple of badges relating to this event. 🙂

Incredible, as usual.

Great processing – the floor has a really nice sheen on it, you’ve done an excellent job (as always)

Thanks guys. I had made it to the court the week before (or maybe it was two weeks before), but by the time I got there, it was night fall and no way was I going to get the lighting I needed for a solid set of brackets, so it was on the top of my shot list for this visit! I have a really cool shot covering the entire court (with a fallen backboard/basket on the other end leading nicely into the frame), but I liked this one better because of the details on this half of the court and because I wanted to red center court to be prominent, what with the “Reds” and all.

Dave: I would not be surprised to learn that it has something to do with the 1980 games. Sure would make sense to me.

The light coming from the back room is so interesting. This is an incredible image all around! Sweet perfection!!! 🙂

Lovely PP. I love the faded Olympic rings on the wall and the square ceiling tiles which are falling down.

Very cool.

Great shot, Jacques! You are very gifted, so glad to have my family and I in some of your shots from the past. How about some in the future, too? Gobs of love from us, the C family