Who controls the key?

Walking through the woods around the abandoned Soviet Nuclear Missile Base Z, never quite sure what I might run into, was exhilarating.  It goes without saying that coming across an intact nuclear storage bunker was quite surreal.  The side you see here is the back side of a 100 meter long storage bunker, covered entirely with trees and dirt.  Anyone flying over this thing back in the day would have had a dang hard time finding it, I’d wager.  Sure wish I could have gotten in to see what the inside looked like.  Come to think of it, I wonder how many RADs this place would register on a Geiger counter these days?

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GOOD GOD Jacques, what an image and story you’ve spun for us today! Amazing. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have felt like to be here, finding these photographic gems! GREAT work my friend, I just love following your expeditions!

Hi, Toad. Hope you’re having a great Sunday. And thanks a ton for the comments on this one; really glad you like seeing some of these hidden jewels. Hope to get some more good stuff out from this place in the coming weeks.

Very eerie. I envy the locations available to you. Although, I probably wouldn’t have been as envious 60 years ago!

What a find! It’s amazing how knowing the background of a photo can invoke certain emotions about it where otherwise not knowing them would invoke nothing. Had you not explained what this bunker was, one might just say, “it’s a neat bunker.” Knowing what was there, a certain chill comes about. Where was this one pointed? Who’s name was on it? Eerie feeling, but very cool all the same! Well done Jacques!

J, My Dad was an MP back in the day when such things were starting. He had great stories to tell from Germany! Thanks for taking a picture that adds life to his stories for me. It’s gorgeous

Nice find – almost Urbex Gold 😉

This must have been all hustle and bustle back in the day.

great processing – its got your trademark ethereal feel.