21 Guns

I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I find old armories while exploring abandoned military bases.  This particular armory, at Soviet Base “V”,  had weapon racks on both sides of the room (the side I’ve captured here, as well as the wall behind me), and this was only one of the armories we discovered on this base.  Suffice to say that they had a whole lot more than 21 guns in this room, but you’re stuck with that name for today’s post ’cause I was listening to Green Day’s 21 Guns while post-processing and writing this blog entry.


As a bonus, to give you a little bit of the feel of what it was like to get up close and personal to these racks, I’ve included a second shot where you can clearly read the serial numbers of some of the weapons, as well as the names and ranks of the soldiers. By the way, the Russian rank Ефрейтор (Efreitor, from the German word Gefreiter) is higher than the rank of Private, but just below the Russian rank of Junior Sergeant.

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Jacques, this is just great! That second close up of the tags there really adds a 1-2 punch to the big image. Great drama and emotion here, top drawer photos my friend!

Wow. You can just imagine what these racks were filled with back in the day, and each soldier ready to go at any minute. Awesome Jacques!

damn what a find! Great presentation my friend!