Ground Control to Major Tom

Man did I ever have a great time exploring the abandoned buildings of Soviet Base “V” the other week, and this was one of my favorite spaces (lame pun intended).  And, much like the ‘We can be Heroes’ Soviet mural I posted the other day, from a building on the came compound, this mural is one of those typical Soviet propaganda paintings you run across in abandoned Soviet military bases.  I guess they were pretty proud of their cosmonauts.  What I thought interesting is the “space shuttle” looking thing in there.  I’m pretty sure the Soviets did not have one of those, though they probably pilfered the plans for one and may have been planning to build and launch one.  I processed this shot to two songs: David Bowie’s Space Oddity, and Peter Shilling’s Major Tom, both great songs!

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Great image.
The Soviets did have “space shuttle”:
It made one unmanned flight into orbit in 1988. The program was scratched in 1993.

Well done, Jacques!
I have been wondering since the first time I saw this mural, if there could have been a correlation between the 12 signs of the zodiac that are depicted here, and the 12 nuclear missiles that were stored for deployment nearby….

Totally awesome image today, Jacques! I love those tunes you mentioned as well… anyways, what a great find and a PERFECT shot you’ve captured here! I love it!!

This is totally badass. You find some of the coolest things!

Wow! The color, the corner, the camera in the ceiling! Fever pitch excitement.

Great shot, Jacques! Love the vivid blue in the mural 🙂