A change is gonna come…

Sometimes, change is good.  Heck, lots of times change is good.  That’s certainly how I felt this morning.  I was in one of those creative ruts where running  out to shoot decaying buildings was just not gonna cut it for me.  So off  into the center of Berlin went, seeking something worth shooting and posting today.  I had in mind, initially, a short walk along the river, hoping to find some cool small boats and barges to shoot; the ones I fond were, however,  not docked the way I wanted them in my composition, so I looked for something else to fill my camera frame.  I came across a half-way decent shot of one of the smaller boats, which I may process and post at some time, but I was more taken by this lone old bike shackled  (with a new lock) to a guard rail.  Sure felt great to change things up a bit from what I normally shoot.  I post-processed the shot (and wrote this short post) while listening to the great Sam Cooke singing one of the greatest songs of all time, A Change is Gonna Come.

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I’m always in the mood for a nice bike shot 🙂

Glad I could oblige, Mike! And thanks for the look-see and comment!

Wonderfully crisp shot – Nice muted colors, too. An excellent change of pace, for certain.

Thanks, Brian!

Nice find. I like the fact that the tones (particularly the greens) in the bike match the ground and the building behind it. Excellent, as always.

A great change of pace.

Nice find, Jacques! Great shot as well!

A very berlinesque shot! Love the early-early-spring sun on the wall, probably reflected from windows on the other side of the street, behind you.
Great tones too, and I can smell the scene…
You know Jacques, I´ve been thinking, the only reason why I´m looking forward to you leaving Berlin is that I will get to see your exciting pov´s and storys from places I may never get to see in person. Other than that, it´ll be a sad day.
Now go on, show me your own unique angle on this place I think I know so well!