Freewheel burnin’….

I think I’m enjoying this little diversion from Urban Exploration (started with yesterday’s post), and I do hope you folks are digging the change-up as well.  I grabbed this particular set of bracket right outside the place we meet for church, which would not have been possible had I not had my camera and tripod with me.  Once again, goes to show that you should ALWAYS have a camera with you, because you never know what cool stuff you’ll run across as you dash through life.  I post-processed this bad boy to Judas Priest’s Freewheel Burning.  Get it, church, Judas, Priest, burnin’… It’s all tied together, no?

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Superb metal, and so clean processing, mate !

Thanks, Sergio! That was one awesome bike to see in person; would have loved to take it for a spin!

superb image – bet the dude who owns this bile would be proud to have this on his wall. really good processing work here – super job.

Detail in the headlight and reflections on the chrome are awesome – great focussing skills.

Fantastic shot, Jacques. Always good to experiment with some different subject matter, and you totally rocked this bike! Really enjoy the reflection in the headlight 🙂

Aww, shucks! Thanks, fellas!!

I want one! 🙂

Great job processing this one!

Very nice!

wow, it really looks cool; I love the subject but I really love the reflection in the headlamp – you should try a resize only for that part