Little River

Still on my non-Urban Exploration kick of late, and I’m still diggin’ the fun I’m having hunting for good photographic opportunities outside of my usual subject matter (abandoned buildings and such).  Here is a shot of a cool old barge along one of the small rivers coursing through downtown Berlin.  When I looked at this scene from the near bank, I figured I’d shoot with the intention of turning this into an image that reminded me of some of the cool old toy dioramas I loved seeing as a kid.  I don’t know what it is, but I still love cities and towns in miniature. I have plans to visit a really cool miniature world in Hamburg soon, though there I’ll be shooting with my macro lens a bit.  Really look forward to it, as I heard it boasts more than 14 kilometers of mini railroad track.  Sounds like an all-day visit to me!

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Love the use of tilt/shift here. I like that this plays tricks in that you know this has to be a larger boat, but it looks almost like a model in a fake world. Awesome shot man!!

Top drawer, Jacques, I love this image! Great shot and processing here, you’ve really created something very compelling and unique!

A toy barge on a toy river. They make you slow down and look. Beautiful capture and post-processing, Jacques.

You nailed the effect you were after, Jacques. I love these type of images. You must be talking about . I’ve seen Youtube videos of their layout, totally awesome.

Did you use Focal Point for this, Jacques?

nice TS work – and great toning. I guess the non urbex thing is fun and good for a challenge of something different. You’re doing a great job!

Nice Tllt/Shift – it works really well on this image. I’m enjoying your non-urbex posts and it certainly is good to take a break for a while at times.

Beautiful shot Jaques!

Outstanding work as usual, Jacques.

Thanks, everyone. For those who’ve asked, I applied the tilt-shift effect using FocalPoint.