Red Hot

Had a real tough time deciding what music to use to process this one today, finally deciding to drop the needle Mötley Crüe for this one of an old abandoned kitchen in Soviet Base “V”.  By the way, anyone here know what the writing on the deep fryer says?  I’ve no idea, and would love to know.

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Awesome! Love the red letters blazing out like that.

What an AWESOME image Jacques! My guess is it says “Do Not Deep Fry Nuclear Weapons” or “Do Not Drink The Contents Of This Fryer”. Maybe not, but it might…. Anyways, I just love your image today, there is a lot of fantastic textures to take in here!

КОТЕЛ ДЛЯ БЛЮДА translates literally to “Boiler for dishes (courses or meals)”

Interesting textures

Awesome shot.

Hah! Motley Crüe! I built a house for Nikki Sixx at the recommendation from Tommy Lee and his wife at the time Heather Locklear. Tommy’s laundry room looked like the picture above, without the russian text.

LOL! Great comments from you all today! Thanks much. And Chris, you win the award for the fastest translation ever! Awesome! And Steve: That is freakin’ cool that you built a house for Nikki. Wow!! Again, guys, thanks a million!!

Chris is so clever! Was going to think of something silly for what it might mean, but now I don’t need to. Cool shot, I like the light on the tiles.

I like how all the colors are subdued except the red and blues.

The lettering says ‘NO PHOTOGRAPHY!’