They call Me Trinity

Here’s another non-URBEX shot, this time of a cool little Russian Orthodox I found, yesterday, at the top of a hill just inside the woods in Potsdam, Germany.  It being Sunday today, I knew yesterday when I saw this place that I would process it for today.  This one, as you can probably tell, is a tilt-shift shot, for which I used one of my favorite “special-effects” lenses, the Nikkor 24mm PC-E.  By the way, to get this shot, I shifted the lens all the way up (so I could fit the whole church in there and maintain the straight lines), tilted the lens as far left as it would go (to get maximum tilt effect), and opened the lens as wide as it would go (f/3.5) so I had max blur beyond the point of focus.  Go extreme, or go home, eh?

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Great find! A very unique looking/colored building. The lines look really cool with the T/S – perfect effect for the scene.

Great lens effect Jacques! Great pic my friend!

Very cool, Jacques!

Hey there, Steve, Jim and John! And a Happy Sunday to all three of you. Thanks for the props on this one. My daughter said it “looks like a toy”. Just what I had been hoping to get.

Extreme is good. As usual, the processing and comp is top notch. Great find.

Man, I love tilt shift effect; so cool!

I’m gunna have to build me one of these… Did you add any selective focus to this in post or was this all in the lens?

Thanks again, folks.

A.Barlow: That effect is ALL due to the lens; nothing extra applied in post. That said, it IS possible to replicate this effect with software, and I’ve done that as recently as last week.

What a great image, love the perspective you get with the tilt-shift here Jacques!