Salvador rides again…

What with the beautiful weather we’ve been having of late, I decided to explore Berlin a bit today during my lunch hour.  Not wanting to drag all my gear about with me, however, I carried only my little pocket Leica and my tripod.  I have to admit, I do love that little combo for its convenience.  For today’s explore, I had in mind to shoot this bike, which I had actually found about a week earlier (though I did not have a proper camera and tripod along at the time), so off I went to bring back the brackets.  What caught my eye about this bike, and the reason I wanted to share it with you, was the Salvador Daliesque look of the thing.  I still can’t figure out how the wheels warped that way.  Anyone have a clue?

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great image – well processed and shows that the small compact will totally do the trick.

Looks like the bike has melted, I agree, very Dali-esque.

Nice shot, and a very cool find.

Cool shot, agree with Mark that it looks like the wheels just melted there – though perhaps a few cars have managed to run over the wheels somehow.

Whoa, that is awesome. Very cool and funny too. Nice one Jacques! 🙂

Great image! It’s no wonder the bike is still there!

Thanks, fellas. Not sure what the deal is with the wheels, though this is on a sidewalk so not sure that a car would have run it over, though it certainly does look that way. I’ve see several bikes locked up around the city, with similar looking wheels. Definitely catches ones attention, though all the passersby on the sidewalk seemed oblivious.

Awesome photo. What a great little camera for you to use. Well done.

Hey, Kellie! Thanks!

Great shot and editing, Jacques. If a spoke or two in the wheel is loose or breaks, it takes very little to make a rim collapse like that. That being said, I think something ran over this poor bike…more than once.