Searchin’ for that train…

I have some great memories from my childhood, many of which seem to become more and more lucid the older I get, and the more I watch my own great kids grow.  One of my fondest memories was of the Christmas I got my first train set from “Santa” (thanks Mom and Dad; I love you!).  It was a Märklin set, and it included an engine just like this one here, same color even!  Man I loved that train set, and I played with it day in and day out.  Heck, I even had a conductors cap and baton I’d wave about while racing that train around the tracks.  Those memories cam rushing back when I saw this scene the other day, so I was glad I had my little pocket Leica with me to score the brackets needed to create this.  And, while I did not have my big ol’ Nikon D700 and 24mm PC-E (tilt-shift) lens with me, I knew I’d have no problems getting the “toy” look I was after once I got home to my Mac; once I processed my brackets and got the shot looking the way I wanted, all I had to do was bust out my trusty FocalPoint 2 Software (part of OnOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite of post-processing goodness) and I was easily able to finish the shot off with a tilt-shift identical to what an expensive tilt-shift lens would give me.  Sweet!!

BTW, I processed this photograph to the song Train, by 4 Non Blondes.  Rockin!

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Great TS work – even if it was in PS. its a lovely image only enhanced by your excellent processing.

Sweet shot and tilt-tastic processing. Love the five-pointed glint off the engine’s windshield. Fun stuff, Jacques! Takes me back to my model train days.

I love the toy look you got on this! I had no idea FocalPoint was so powerful. Superb shot!

My man. I’m pretty sure there isn’t an image from you that hasn’t made me smile in appreciation. Rock on!

Very, very cool.

Man you guys are making me blush here!! Thanks! I have to admit I love what FocalPoint 2 helps me to do when I can’t carry my heavy guns to a shoot!

I’ll bring you back to earth by telling you how much I hate you.

I mean that in a brother-loving way. You know … Like when your brother beats you at one-on-one basketball? It only make you want to go out and improve your game.

Your images make me want to improve my game. Of course, I feel the same way about the other commenters’ work as well.

What a great pic and trip back in time! I absolutely enjoyed the story of your childhood train Jacques! fantastic post my man!

Fantastic processing, and those toy train tracks are just excellent. Nicely done.


This image has such an illustrative look and feel. I need to figure out what you’re doing! Amazing – and frustrating Hahaha

Trains and cars are perfect for mini captures like this one – every time i see one, it reminds me of my car collection, I never had a train with tracks though..sigh.

Great shot Jacques. I love minitures!

Another great image from you bud!

Thanks again, all!!

Perfect Tilt shift! Really cool1

Without question, this is the best tilt-shift effect I’ve ever seen. Perfectly executed, my friend!