I’ve got the power…

Been awhile since I’ve posted an URBEX shot, so here’s one from the Soviet Military base “V”I explored recently.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this sprawling complex is full of great photo opportunities, one that would require several visits to do it any justice.  So many locations, so little time!

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You are so gifted!

Thanks, Kellie! You’re too kind!

Really great tilt/shift effect, u draw the viewer directly to the electrical box.

I feel the need…the need to go Urbexing! Still lots to discover here! 🙂

Good Lord Jacques, what an AMAZING image! I love this shot, my friend, you’ve really created something spectacular here. 🙂

You’ve got mad skills

I love your work at Soviet Base V. The focus on the panel is especially nice here with the window and everything else softly out of focus.

That blur is just dreamy! I know what you mean about so many location, so little time too 😉