Darkly Everafter

It’s been awhile since I’ve been moved to post something darker, but I’m certainly moved to do so today.  I found this old graveyard on the way out to Soviet Base V, by the way.  For those keeping track, I processed this shot to Nox Arcana’s Darkly Everafter.



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“Bad day in the office today” 🙂

Gorgeous. I love your use of selective focusing in this scene.

Creepy and awesome!

Love the dark feel, Jacques. As usual, the processing is fantastic.

wow … deliciously dark. like dark chocolate, or a pint of porter.

How creepy, desolate and downright scary! I LOVE IT! One of my favorites from you Jacques!!

So dark, so good.

Wow! I did not think you all would like this one, so I am pleasantly surprised and pleased. Thanks, all!!

That’s awesome and creepy love the selective focus

Wonderful. Love how you’ve captured the dead vegetation. It looks like it’s pushing up through the ground in advance of some…unearthly specter!

Corker of an image, great tones and I like the way you’ve blurred around the edges. Nice work as always. 🙂

Spot on as to be expected from you! 🙂

Jacques, whether dark or light, you have an amazing way of making a shot yours! Great style and inspiration my friend! Don’t let the man get ya down!