Above all

This chapel, upon the hallowed grounds of the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, France, above the beaches of Omaha, was one of the most beautiful chapels I had ever seen.  Because it was a very small space, and because of the circular architecture, I chose my fisheye lens to photograph it.

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Great choice on the fish, I think it works really well in this image. I really dig the way you get to see some of the pews and the amazing art on the ceiling in one frame.

Another great shot man! Love the use of fisheye to bring the whole scene together in one shot!

Beautiful shot here Jacques. Would love to see some shots from the beach there!

Incredible POV!

It’s shots like these that make fisheye lenses so awesome. It takes creative eye though as well, and you sir have it. Good job!

The fisheye is beyond perfect in this space. Incredible symmetry and love that ceiling!

Just. WOW.

I like this very much. A reason to have a fisheye for sure.

You are all very generous in your praise. Thanks so much!


Great shot! Love the PoV!

Certainly a very unique shot with the ultra-wide view enabling the viewer to get a real sense if the place. Great stuff!

Beautifully executed, as ever, Jacques.