Gunner, Shot, Tank!!! Fire!!!!

The Medium Tank (M4) was the primary tank produced by the USA for its own use, as well as that of the Allied Forces, during World War II.  Production of the M4 exceeded 50,000 units.  Interesting,y, the M4 was not dubbed the Sherman by U.S. forces, but rather by the United Kingdom, who named it after Union General William Tecumseh Sherman.  The Brits regularly named its American-built tanks after famous American Civil War generals.  I found this Sherman tank at the impressive Airborne Museum at Sainte-Mère-Église.  By the way, if you look beyond the main gun, you’ll notice a church tower with a white parachute canopy hanging from it.  Some of you may recall the famous incident involving 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) paratrooper John Steele, whose chute caught upon spire of the church.  Steele hung there for two hours, watching the raging battle below, before he was captured by the Germans.  You can see a re-enactment of that incident in one of my favorite War movies, The Longest Day. Red Buttons played the role of John Steele.

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The clouds seem to fit this image perfectly! Well done Jacques!

Great shot. I love the background for this image.

Sorry, but the forced blur ruins this image for me. It focuses the eye on the subject for sure, but it should have been done better, I think. The tree behind the tank is almost perfectly in focus. Dangerous game to play leaving it like that. You’re bound to notice it and it ruins the otherwise good shot once it is noticed.

First, thanks to all for looking and for the comments.

Niall: I received your long e-mail claiming that I deleted your comment on this photo. Truth be told, I had not even seen your comment in the pending comments stream. Once you e-mailed me to let me know it was there, I approved the comment, as I do with all comments. The only comments I reject are those that contain profanity, and SPAM. To show you that I do not censor comments from folks (other than the aforementioned profane or SPAM comment), I hav included your entire e-mail here for all to see.

To all the viewers out there: Please be assured that I value every singe comment and critique, both positive and constructive.

So everyone knows I don’t censor, here (between the dotted lines) is the FULL message to me from Niall:
————-Begin text of Niall’s message——–
I left you a comment on your gunner image and went back to see if it was addressed by you–the comment was critical of the use post-processing artificial blurring. It was addressed by you alright and it was deleted.

Why was it deleted? Can you not accept criticism for your photographs? Do you think yourself above my comments and views? Surely you want to know what people think of your images–this is what I think and you insult my time and consideration by deleting it?

The comment wasn’t aggressive. It wasn’t terse. I pointed out an aspect of your image that, as I said, ruined the photograph for me and frankly I find it insulting that you censor your comments so that the majority are nothing more than happy, positive, uninformative, ego boosting platitudes with no worth to their substance.

I can understand why someone wouldn’t be happy with a comment about their image with a suggestion that was apart from the artistic direction of the photographer… but I cannot see how leaving the tree in focus could possibly go against any sort of artistic avenue. Against the possibility that I’m wrong here, I still don’t see why you felt it needed to be deleted, and I restate my earlier point–I find it offensive that you did.

I won’t waste my time looking at your images or offering my time and words to comment on them again.

Happy shooting.
————-End text of Niall’s message———-

Love the focal point selection! Nice and crisp – love it!

Beautifully framed. Post-processing TS, or no?