To the suites

While out exploring some URBEX sites the other day, we visited an old abandoned chocolate factory in former East Germany.  Wow, what a place.  This was an URBEX HDR mecca, seriously!  I scored some really amazing brackets here, several of cool stairways like this one.  I have to admit I was seriously inspired to process and post this, following that really amazing stairs posted yesterday by Dave Wilson.  Of course I also have to give a special not to my buddy, and HDR Stair Master, Bob Lussier, whose work you can find over at Lussier Photo.

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Those yellow/orange windows are such an eye catcher! Fantastic setup and photo!

Agree with Chris, the orange glass is great – this looks like an excellent location!

Truly lovely stairs, Jacques. The fact that they are in Europe also, automatically makes them better and more interesting than my image 🙂

Dave and Jacques they are both phenominal! Jacques I love the texture of the cement of the walls and stairs. Great job as usual

Thanks for the nod! I’m with Dave Wilson … the fact that these are in Europe puts them up a notch, but the fact that it was a chocolate factory, makes them extra sweet. (Sorry. Someone had to say it.)

Nice composition!

I like how the yellow glass around the windows draws your eye to them, then to looking outside. Lots of interesting paths your eyes can go in this photo!

Sterling work here Jacques on a very unique staircase. Wideangle defo came into it’s own here.

Love the composition and the splash of color in those windows, what an awesome subject Jacques!

Good work, great composition. You’ve exposed the exterior really well. Superb as always Jacques.

Love that yellow glass against the rest of the image. Mastery of tones once again.

Great composition, I agree with everyone else the yellow glass is fantastic.

This photo is awesome! Great composition!

I agree with Chris, and others, the yellow caught my eye immediately. Excellent shot.

Great shot Jacques, the colored window is awesome