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The Doors

When I came across this hall and these two open doors, I was taken by the great contrast between the light spilling from one into the other, as well as the complete absence of light between the doors and the back wall (except for the light showering the back wall from doors at the end […]

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…that such men lived

To all Americans, of whom I am proud to be one, I pray that we all have the opportunity to celebrate this Memorial Day with family and friends , and that we take time to remember those who have sacrificed so much that we may enjoy freedoms many of us so often take for granted.  […]

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Did I mention that it’s just about impossible to shoot a bad photograph in Paris?  Well, it is!  Especially at night.  I’d have to say that shooting after the sun went down over the City of Lights had to be my favorite time of the day to shoot.  Such great colors on the buildings, the […]

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One ping only!

It’s always cool coming across old military equipment while out on an Urban Explore, like the odd gas mask, military insignia, and old Soviet electronics.  We found these in a location that probably does not see too many visitors, as it is a bit off the beaten path.  When we spotted these, I was immediately […]

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I know a place where we can go

Usually you’ll never know what you’ll find while exploring the cool cobble-stoned back alleys of Paris, but I guarantee you’ll come across lots of great little Crêperies like this one.  My favorite kind of crêpe always includes nutella in it somewhere, and maybe some tasty cookie or biscotti crumbs mixed into that crêpe for good […]

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