A dream come true!

Our eldest, the young lady in the middle with the green shirt, LOVES, LOVES, LOVES cheetahs!  In fact, it is her favorite animal, and always has been.  So you can imagine how excited she was to have the chance to get up close and personal with this beauty!  Her sister and my wife loved the opportunity to get some hands on time with this beautiful cat as well.  And guess what?  This kitty was purrrrrring the whole time; way cool!!

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I would LOVE to have that experience as well. I have three cats and feel this would just be a bigger (and maybe more dangerous) version of them. 🙂

Hi Kristi! I was a bit cautious as well, but the keepers assured us these cats were VERY, VERY friendly. And they were right!

We love cats here at The Hollow! Man, it’d be so very awesome to have an experience like that, how neat is that Jacques! What a wonderful photo my friend, you’ve captured the true essence of the moment!!

This is so awesome!

What a cool experience that must have been! Excellent!

Dude, that is an amazing photo!

That is so cool. Your family is very fortunate to have an encounter like that. While generally not a good idea to mix humans and animals from the wild, when humans and animals can make a connection we begin to understand the beauty of all living beings and the symmetry that can be achieved in our world.

Cheetahs are my favorite animal, as well. I could watch video of them running all day. Congratulations to your daughter.

Beautiful image, Jacques. I’m glad you all had that opportunity.

This is a fantastic moment. I bet your daughter will remember it forever.

Me and my then two year old kid fed up a bengal tiger cub. I held with my hands while my kid was giving the tiger a bib o milk. It was a fantastic experience… and yes, my son still recalls it (he’s now 4)

Holy crap! Petting a freaking Cheetah!? So cool.