That ragged ol’ truck

One thing you see a lot of in Kenya are a bunch of ragged old trucks still winding their way along the dirt roads and highways of the country, long past their prime.  Here is one we found just inside the Samburu National Reserve.  I’m pretty sure this one ain’t goin’ nowhere real soon!

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I bet that puppy fires up on the first try 😉 Great find, and wonderful image today!

Great find and wonderfully shot and processed!

Great image! Though I am also thinking that thing stills runs.

Great truck. Great image. Great processing.

Hey Jacques – what a great shot. amazing that thing still runs.

I agree, I have seen MUCH worse clunking down the highway. Some with mismatched tires even…

Great processing on this one. That trip must have been awesome!

You’d be surprised the kind of clunkers that would actually crank up and get going. Great shot! 🙂