Buck Wild!

Kenya is chock full of DLTs (that would be deer-lke things), and one of my favorites is the water-buck, pictured here.  Usually you’ll find these roaming around grassy plains and such, but I had never encountered one near or on the water.  This fella was about knee deep in Lake Naivasha, where we also came across LOTS of hippos.  What with the name water-buck and fact that he is actually hanging out in the lake, this has to be my favorite “environmental portrait” shots of one of these magnificent creatures.  We were in a long-boat when I shot this with the D700 and Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR set to 180mm.  Sure was cool to get so close to this guy and have him look up at me in time for the shot, though the boat was also moving (slowly) when I shot this.

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Great pic Jacques! Love how the guy posed perfectly for ya! Great job getting it sharp too, with the boat moving and all!

An awesome experience to be in the presence of such an animal, and a terriffic shot to boot.

Great shot man, but I think the buck sees you 😉 There is definitely some amazing detail in this shot. Very nice work!

What a great exposure! Seriously great image.

I am loving your Kenya shots dude. These are amazing.

These are awesome…love the switch to your shots from Kenya…keep them coming!

Nice job. I’m looking forward to going to South Africa to be able to do this kind of wildlife photography. It will be great to see these kinds of magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

I’m loving this series. Keep ’em coming.

Holy SMOKES, Jacques, this is totally awesome!

I’m usually not a wildlife kind of guy but you have found a style of your own to present them and I love em’!

Wow, you do wildlife well too, don’t you? This, like your others, is simply outstanding. Great shot.

Now… find me a crocodile!

Man! You guys are really fantastic. With that kind of interest in the Kenya series of images, I might just have to keep posting them. Just let me know when you’re tired of it!

Outstanding shot Jacques