Ich bin ein Berliner

I started a series some time back called, ‘Berlin – The City’.  For me, it was an opportunity to show off some of the things we, as Berliners (or temporary Berliners, as is my case), perhaps see everyday, but really don’t “see”.  I’ve driven past this particular great monument called “The Day the Wall Came Down”, featuring of five mustangs jumping over a crumbling Berlin Wall.  It was not until yesterday that I knew exactly how I wanted to capture it, and this is the result.  What do you all think?

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I think you’ve captured the spirit of the monument, Jacques. Cool monument!

Powerful image Jacques. You captured the energy and symbolism of the monument while beautifully framing the sculpture. Love the mottled light!

Lovely warm light and the monument evokes the moment very well. Great work.

That is an amazing sculpture, and you captured that really well.
What a cool way to symbolize the fall of the wall.

You captured this well! Great sculpture.