Conquering the pyramids

Here is another shot from our visit to Paris.  What a great city.  Suppose I could have cloned out the crane on the right, but ended up leaving it in.  Maybe I can reprocess it someday when I have a little extra time.

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one of my fav shots of the Louvre. nice job dude!

Processing is awesome and the movement of the sky really adds some life to the image! Well done Jacques!

This is spectacular. Love the sky and the lighting.

First class! Oh how I long to go back there.
One of the best shorts of that area I have seen.

Beauty Jacques – high on my list of places to see! Love the movement in the clouds.

Great way to show off a place that’s been photographed to death. I love that I can still tell this is your photograph.

It might just be me, but it feels like it’s tipping to the right.

Wow, great shot! Jim

Nicely done. The sky really adds to the image.

Great shot. I love the Louvre too but it’s been about 6 or 7 years since I last visited. That’s way too long. Paris is, I think, my favourite European walking city with London a close second.

That’s nice – love the clarity of the pyramid and the movement of the clouds!

Fantastic composition. You did a great job to portray a sense of depth.

Sweet shot, Jacques!

Wow, Jacques, this is astonishing! I love the sky in this image, but that light in the lower right really adds a ton of drama to the image! Top drawer my friend, I love it!

Hey all you great peeps! Thanks a ton for all the comments. I really liked this shot, and it looks like you all dig it as well. Gotta tell ya I sure wish I owned a 8 or 10 stop ND filter, so I could have REALLY let those clouds drag across the frame.

Another winner! I love the movement in the clouds as well. Overall, the framing is exceptional. Its amazing what a simple foreground element can do for an image.

great composition and processing – really nice night-time shot

Thanks again for all the valuable feedback. Agree 100 percent with you, Bob, that the simplest of foreground elements often makes the photograph that much more interesting. When I first spotted that ground lamp in the foreground, I not sure if I could post-process it the way I wanted, but in the end it worked. Just needed to make suure that I was able to show the really cool light eminating from uit, as well as the shadows cast around the lamp in three directions, including the one leading from the lower right corner of the shot to the lamp. I really did dig that lamp, because it reminded me a bit of the old Green Lantern comics.

Great shot! Love the sharpness of the pyramid contrasted with the moving clouds. I probably wouldn’t have notice the crane if you hadn’t pointed it out. I guess I’m not very scrutinizing 🙂