Return to Sender

While exploring an abandoned mining area in former East Germany, I came across this cool box sitting in the midst of a field of green.  It begged to be photograph, and of course I felt obliged to do so.  I wonder what was in it; suppose I should have opened it up to look, but I rather liked the idea of just wondering, for years to come, what might have been within.

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Great use of depth!

Jacques, I seldom look into unlocked boxes and doorways for the same reason – I like the mystery as to what might be, or might have been, in there. Great pic and post!

I just couldn’t bear it; I would have to look inside. Knowledge of the contents would enhance the experience for me. I love the focus on the beautifully textured wood and your low-down perspective.

Love all the green surrounding this box. Crazy cool find man!

Nice processing Jacques – texture is great as a contrast between the wall, box and green grass.

What a great find! I don’t think I could have resisted opening it.

I think I would have had to open it myself. Lovely focal point on this shot Jacques, certainly makes the box jump right out.

Sweet simplicity! Love it!

I LOVE things that are not said or seen Jacques, they totally add so much drama and mystery to a setting! WONDERFUL photo my friend, you’ve brought this mysterious box to life here today!

Won’t it be fun to always be able to look back at this photo and wonder, maybe imagine the different things that might have been in it? 🙂

Great find Jacques! I think my curiosity would have gotten the best of me.