Where to go?

What a great hallway this was.  Like walking through the constricting corridors of a long ship heaving to and fro upon the waves.  My stomach feels uneasy as I brace myself with arms outstretched against the walls.  Ship is sinking; walls buckling under the pressure outside.  Walls begin to crack as water seeps along the walls.  Dizziness.  No way out behind me.  To far to the end.  Where to go?

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The tilted camera adds so much to this shot dude. Nice job!

Love this angle; I can almost be fooled into thinking the wall is actually the floor.

Great angle, depth and light! Awesome visual reference too!

Where is the dramamine? At least you lead us to the end of this off balanced, endless journey. Great shot – very effective Jacques!

Wow man, love the tilted angle you have here. It seems like such a small thing, but dang if it did not add a lot to the frame. Great work!

Great comp and write up to go with it.

Thats an awesome corridor. Thanks for adding a little drama with the story!

I really like that. The tilt you used and composition really give this a lot of impact. It looks a *long* way down there and I like the ‘banding’ effect of light and dark going down the hall.

Whoaw, dude, I am starting to regret that big shot of Tequila I took just before hitting your blog this morning! What a GREAT photo, Jacques, love the perspective and composition here!

Between the sharp and soft elements and the camera angle you did a great job of conveying a sense of motion, Jacques.

This is great! Love the corkscrew feel!

Thanks, all!

Toad: You always crack me up with your cool and clever comments! Thanks!

Barbara: Believe it or not, I think I need some of that Dramamine myself after working this one, but I’ve got none. I do think I have one of those airline sick-bags laying around here somewhere though.

great composition – Corridor love is alive and well!

i can picture the things that this corridor was witness to back in the day….