Rumblin’ down the track…

Had a little time to hit the road today in search of some new and interesting brackets.  Man, was that fun!  Totally care free, with no particular photographic subject.  Just out and about enjoying the great weather, and keeping my eyes peeled for something cool.  On one of the many back-roads I explored, I happened across this old abandoned rail yard.  Jackpot!!  In an effort to get a little creative, I ended up climbing under one of the freight cars to shoot this shot.  I think the fisheye lens worked well for this one, as I wanted to get an interesting look from below.  While working on this shot  I listened to ‘Mystery Train’, as performed by Junior Wells, and as Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Downbound Train’.  Great tunes!

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It’s all about crawling under trains 🙂 Nice shot dude

unusual viewpoint, but works very well indeed – good work dude!

This is great. I’m really happy the train didn’t move on you. Nothing good could come from that.

Hey guys. Yeah, Bob; sure was glad it did not roll over me. Luckily for me it was an abandoned part of the rail yard, so not likely it was going to start moving. Still, it does give one the chills for a sec’ to climb under a train!