Blackbird flight is cleared for launch…

Like many of you out there, I grew up watching all the great Sci-Fi movies and TV shows.  When I was a kid, we would also watch the old Battlestar Galactica show, which we all thought was great at the time.  I still remember bulding some of the space ships with legos and launching little lego space craft from the motherships.  This cool space in Berlin reminded me of one of the launch tubes in Battlestar Galactica, so I photographed and post-processed it accordingly.

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Now this is a great shot and I really think you nailed the launch tube feel from BSG. Hmm, I sense some movie watching in my future!

Great location and shot!

Awesome! Definitely BSG-esque 🙂

Wow, that’s a nice shot and PP. Your explanation for the image makes the story of the image even better.

Great work! You nailed the processing.

God, that looks almost EXACTLY like one of those launch tubes! Awesome processing Jacques, I love it!

This was a very, very cool space to shoot. Of course I had to do a little negotiating with the security staff there, who insisted that I could not shoot there because it was private property. I finally convinced him that my secretary had already spoken with “the management” and cleared it. Confused, he called back to the security head office, who said, “Well, if he says it was cleared, it must be ok!” Sweet!

Certainly does look like you would be launching your shuttlecraft out of this to some ominously small door that was closing as you approach it. Great shot!

Very cool! nicley done