On a wing and a prayer

Well, I wasn’t going to post today, but since some folks think the world is coming to an end tomorrow, I figured I’d post something pretty for them to see before they take off.  As for me and my house, we don’t subscribe to such nonsense, so we’ll be hanging around a bit longer.  For the rest of you planning to hang out for a while, I’ll be posting more over the next few years (yes, that means beyond 2012, when the next end-of -the-world folks will be bangin’ their drums), as the world continues hurtling towards somewhere in a hand-basket.



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Jacques … Only the righteous will be departing tomorrow, which means you are stuck with me.

I’ll keep shooting with you for years to come. Great shot here.

LOL! How right you are, but oh how much fun we’ll have with all the new URBEX environments that should be popping up!

Very appropriate for tomorrow. 🙂

LOL at the comments. Jacques: hadn’t thought about that, but now that you mention it – I’m looking forward to the URBEX environments too! Great! Makes me glad that many will be departing tomorrow, though I’m not sure it will be the righteous 😉
[by the way I don’t believe it either – just playing along]

Great shot – love your work. The scene outside the windows looks very ‘real’ and well done. I often see HDR with outdoor scenes like that that look great on the interior but look a little ‘funky’ out the window. Do(did) you mask in a single exposure through the windows, or did your HDR tools “do it right”?

Hi John. That’s exactly what I did; I masked in the frame that had the best exposure of the outdoors. I used a soft brush, set to 10 per cent opacity, and then brushed it in until it looked right.

Cool mural and a great shot! Fitting title since the end is near! 🙂

Man, glad I am not the only one planning on sticking around for a few years. I tell ya what, I will bring some beer across the pond and we can go shooting in the peace and quiet. Wait, Germany is supposed to have killer beer. Nevermind, I’ll bring some Lego people, you bring the beer 😉

Oh, yeah! Bring on the legos, man! I’ll serve up the cold beer, for sure. I do sure hope that the tripod police are some of those who will be taken out during the first wave, by the way!

The world is ending?? I hadn’t heard…. (pay no attention to my recent twitter activity).

Nice image!

Fear not, Jacques, the tripod police will be missing by end of day. Has there ever been a more righteous group to plague photographers?

Great subject for the day. Man! Where do you find these gems?

King of color and pop. Beautiful processing as always!