Let them eat… sushi!!

Anyone want to wager a guess where I shot this photograph?  Tokyo?  Nope.  Las Vegas? Wrong again.  I photographed Miss Ko (that’s her name) at the Palace of Versailles in France, of all places, where the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami had filled 15 rooms of the Palace with his first major retrospective in France.  The ample Miss Ko was getting quite a bit of attention, as one might imagine.

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Does seem like an odd place for this type of art! Dig the reflection and mixture of tones and textures here! well done sir!

Great processing – I’d say she was getting quite a bit of attention!

“Ko-la-la” for Miss Ko! Love the reflections and shinny surfaces. Primo HDR, but that goes without saying!

That looks almost surreal with the surrounding scenery. Great find!

Killer processing on this one Jacques – shiny stuff is made for HDR (as long as yuou dont go mad with it). Superb image!

Thanks, all! And I almost did not post this here on the blog, what with it bordering on the… well, different!

Wow! Every single detail of Miss Ko came up perfect… but her hair, I’m in love with her hair!