The City of Water

I know I said the other day that I love Paris, and I do, but a REALLY love Venice!  Who doesn’t?  And of all the photographs I shot there, this is probably my favorite.  The first time I post-processed this, quite some time ago, I had been pretty heavy handed with the saturation.  I think like this version far better, though I know many people had really liked my original version, over on flickr (which I had never posted on any of my blogs), as well.  What do you all think?  Better like this, or better like that?

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I think you ripped this out of a romance movie 😉 Beautiful and elegant shot sir!

I’d say this one looks a little more natural, but the one on Flickr definitely has some good color pop!

Amazing shot!

Looks like we’re standing on a bridge in the scene! Everything looks great, including the color, without being overdone! I like it a lot!

Awesome shot, Jacques!

I am partial to the original (but I tend to oversaturate, myself) except for the sky. I think today’s version could use a small touch more of saturation, and layering in some text would really complete it.

Nice shot – had to put on my shades for the first one! Only joking. This is far more natural and imo the better of the two, but agree with Wayne a little more colour would tweak it up a bit, a tiny bit more in the water or an ‘s’ curve for instance to give it a bit of punch.

Mark me down as another vote for this one, but also agreeing with Wayne and Mark that you might have overcompensated a tad, and this could arguably use just a smidge more color.

Consensus appears to be that I need to get a tad more color in here. I think I’ll take another crack at it and post the revised edit (Version 3, if you will) just below the current version. Heck; maybe I’ll post all three in here for comment.