I know a place where we can go

Usually you’ll never know what you’ll find while exploring the cool cobble-stoned back alleys of Paris, but I guarantee you’ll come across lots of great little Crêperies like this one.  My favorite kind of crêpe always includes nutella in it somewhere, and maybe some tasty cookie or biscotti crumbs mixed into that crêpe for good measure.  By the way, one of the reasons I like this particular picture is because my family (my two daughters and my wife) are in it, together with some friends.  As usual, they were waiting patiently for me to finish my shot of this little slice of Paris.  Now where’s that nutella?


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You’re required to add a calorie count to that sort of caption, Jacques! Wonderfully provocative capture, wonderful memories.

Great color!

Great image. Wonderful mood to the scene.

What an awesome scene. The sky is so surreal, it looks like The Paris or Venetian in Vegas 🙂

Wow, Jacques, you’ve really outdone yourself on this one. Great sharp, crisp details here to really enjoy, I love this shot!