One ping only!

It’s always cool coming across old military equipment while out on an Urban Explore, like the odd gas mask, military insignia, and old Soviet electronics.  We found these in a location that probably does not see too many visitors, as it is a bit off the beaten path.  When we spotted these, I was immediately reminded of the classic line in the ‘Hunt for Red October’, thus the name of today’s post.  By the way, you can see my URBEX buddy Luis’ shot of these over on his website.  He has some great photography on his site, so do check out his other work as well.

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Love this Jaques, cool processing

Beautiful cool/warm tone contrast. Love the down-low perspective. Surprise finds are the best! Have a great weekend, Jacques.

Great detail!

Wonderful quality of light on the face of the instruments and a great balance in the composition. Looks like you were in a loft area? The only thing I find a bit distracting is the small bright spot on the right side, but that is a minor fault in an otherwise beautiful creative image.

Killer depth of field here!

Loved that movie! Great shot. I really like that the shadows from the equipment are not on the same angle. Makes it look almost symmetrical.

Great way of processing this one! All the details came out great and there’s lots to see in this shot!