The Doors

When I came across this hall and these two open doors, I was taken by the great contrast between the light spilling from one into the other, as well as the complete absence of light between the doors and the back wall (except for the light showering the back wall from doors at the end of the hall).  I tried to re-create the feeling of that scene here by desaturating the colors quite a bit in most areas, while  retaining some color in the doors, as well as on the back wall.  I also made sure to retain quite a bit of shadow in all the right places.


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It’s the door in the background left that intrigues me the most.

Which to go in? 🙂 Nice shot!

This is such a cool shot. Love all the textures of the walls, wood, and peeling paint. Fun shot man.

This came out great as always! Love those spots on the ceiling.

Great image and processing, love the symmetry!

Oh my word, how incredible is this shot! Absolutely dramatic; fabulous processing!!!

Which way to go? The left door looks like a safe bet, after all there is more light over there… But what if this is like the move “The Cube” where all doors lead to a certain danger.
Decisions, decisions.

Haunting symmetry. Love the contrast of light and dark. Cool capture, Jacques!

I absolutely love this shot! Great contrast between light and shadows!

Sweet shot, a real nice creepy factor to it

Really appreciate all the comments from you fine folks! Thanks!

Great composition! Love the play of space between the doors. The lighting is great and the mystery of the doors at the end of the hall is like having 2 great images in one!

Very nice! It looks like a screenshot from a scary video game!

What a great shot. The lighting and the textures are spot on.

Cool shots!! When I saw the title, I was sure you were referring to the The Doors – the band.. 🙂
As always, your processing is top notch. Love the way the darks complement the lights through the doors.

You don’t know me, But I heard a rumour that an amazing photographer, Jacques Gude, was thinking of QUITTING shooting….So of course I had to check out your work. I was thinking “he must not be for real….”
Wow! These few photos that I looked at… are wonderful. Really great use of light and circumstance!
I hope you get out of your funk real soon and show us your inspiration.
Happy shooting!
~Deborah Flowers

Hi Deborah;

That was very kind of you. I think I’ve pretty much gotten past that funk by shooting a greater variety of subjects. I’ll be doing an explore of Route 66 so I’m looking forward to seeing and photographing some new things along the way. Of course I’ll post some of those here on the site.