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Scoping out the city

My wife is always giving me a hard time about all the pictures I’ve taken during various vacation trips, that I have yet to process and print for our family albums, and rightly so.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am a HUGE procrastinator when it comes to post-processing.  I am trying to […]

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On a wing and a prayer

Well, I wasn’t going to post today, but since some folks think the world is coming to an end tomorrow, I figured I’d post something pretty for them to see before they take off.  As for me and my house, we don’t subscribe to such nonsense, so we’ll be hanging around a bit longer.  For […]

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The All Spark

What kid doesn’t dig giant mechanical beings facing off on the field of battle, guns and rockets blazing, deciding the fate of a world in the never-ending battle between good and evil?  I remember playing a really cool series of computer games many years back, all part of the MechWarrior franchise; man those were cool!  […]

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It’s all in the details

When it comes to URBEX (Urban Exploration), my wide-angle lenses are indispensable.  In fact, I shoot most of my work in the closes spaces I find using lenses in the 14 to 24 mm range.  Still, it is critically important (and richly rewarding) to spend time exploring the many details to be found in the […]

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Blackbird flight is cleared for launch…

Like many of you out there, I grew up watching all the great Sci-Fi movies and TV shows.  When I was a kid, we would also watch the old Battlestar Galactica show, which we all thought was great at the time.  I still remember bulding some of the space ships with legos and launching little […]

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