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Rocket Man

Had the urge to post-process another shot from a recent Urban Explore to an abandoned Soviet Military base in former East Germany.  Those old Soviets sure do love their murals, like this one made of tiny bits of colored and mirrored tiles.

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Big Wheel

Here’s another shot from a recent Urban Explore to an abandoned Paper Mill in former East Germany.  Kind of reminded me of those cool Big Wheels we used to ride as kids.  You remember those?

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Here’s a random photograph I shot recently while driving to Dresden, Germany.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular to photograph, instead pulling over for closer looks when something caught my eye, like this blue steam roller.

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Too much of a good thing

Is there really such a thing?  I suppose perhaps there is, but when I’m in room like this with so much good stuff goin’ on, I soak it all in.  Lot’s of line, steps, textures and colors, oh my!  Go big, or go home, I say!!

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The Balloon Man of Berlin’s Underground

Ran out this morning, on Father’s Day, to grab a few brackets before heading to church with my family.  I found this cool graffiti in one of the underground metro stations here in Berlin.  Loved the colors and symmetry and thought you might enjoy it as well.  By the way, Happy Father’s day to all […]

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