Daddy, tell me a story…

Looking at my daughters, I am just amazed (and a bit scared) about how quickly they are growing up.  One becomes a teen at the end of the year, the other is not far behind.  Where did all the time go?  Both of them have always loved hearing me tell them stories, preferably the made-up kind.  But I’ve always felt I was pretty bad at telling interesting stories, so, more often than not, I pulled my stories out of a favorite book of fairy tales.  Knowing what I know now, I regret not making them all up myself all these years.  Heck, it’s not how good a yarn you can spin; it’s all about hanging together before bed time and connecting, right?  Me?  I plan to make the most out of the years we have left for made-up stories, before my girls grow-up too much more.  So who wants to hear a story?

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Nice image Jacques! Makes me wonder how empty my house will be in a few years.

Creepy, colorful and dramatic!

Great image and it connects, oddly, to the narrative! Excellent work Jacques!

Love the lines on the floor, but that mural is spectacular. Great find. I only hope you did not sit in that chair and contemplate the meaning of the mural 😉

Wow man, thats a kick *** photo. It’s creepy like Scott said, but not in a scary way, but like a Tim Burton set.

Great comp and framing! The chair really draws you in.

Love this. And you are correct. They grow up too quickly.

Once again, I love the balance of light, color, and contrast. Great shot – love the shadows and the solid color through the windows. Almost *doesn’t* look HDR – which is excellent!
Good story too – my daughter will be 21 shortly 🙁 When did that happened?

Haunting shot Jacques – really love the comp and the processing.

Absolutely profound Jacques. Both the image & your words, just wonderful my friend!

Jacques, I don’t know which is more powerful, your images or words. Great blog! I always try to read to my kids at bedtime, then life gets too fast and a week has gone by. Time to refocus!

Hey guys! So my wife decided to head off to bed a moment ago; I asked if she had seen today’s shot yet, and she said she had not. So I showed her this shot, and she says: “You and your chairs!” That was priceless, and I suppose true! LOL.

Thanks all for the comments on this shot, btw!

You get the coolest locations to shoot!

Yeah! That is kind of creepy. A really nice capture ofe this amazing scene!

Very nice, love how the chair and wall images stand out so vibrantly in an otherwise dull room.

Awesomely creepy! I wish there were places like this in my home town…