We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!!

That was probably the last thing you said before you got the butt of a rifle to the back of the head from the guard at this abandoned Soviet base in former East Germany, I’d bet.  Similarly, “I forgot it at home” would probably get you a thump to the old noggin as well, I imagine.  I wonder if slipping a few rubles across the counter would get you in, though? Or maybe a bottle of Vodka?

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I like that there is still writing on the glass and the entrance marry-go-round thing is still in pretty good shape. Lovely textures throughout. Nice shot man.

Thanks, Chris!

Really amazing shot, love it

really nice shadows below the gate. you’ve done a great job of the toning.

Love the way you processed this one. The textures and colors are amazing.

this is sweet. i love it!