Seeing things differently

I mentioned the other day that I was considering putting off photography for a bit, perhaps going so far as to get rid of all my camera gear.  Thanks to a lot of comments I’ve received here on the blog, as well as privately, I opted instead for a “breather” if you will.  Part of that breather means leaving my larger camera and all the lenses at home, and relying on my small compact camera instead.  I’ve also decided to try something new, which at the moment is black and white “Street Photography”.  I shot this one in downtown Berlin, right after leaving C|O Berlin’s Fritz Eschen – Berlin under the Makeshift Roof photography exhibition. Interestingly, I didn’t even want to go, but my wife and a very good family friend visiting from Greece made me!  Sure glad I went, as Eschen’s work was pretty danged inspiring.  I photographed this one of my daughter exploring out behind the gallery.


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This is an awesome shot Jacques! I love the b&w, the composition, all of it. I will look forward to seeing what else you have in store in the future!

I’m pretty confident you’ve made the right choice.

I dig it. It’s amazing that she’s the only one there, almost like taking on the world! Great shot!

Wonderful shot Jacques – love the feel of loneliness and wonder that this invokes! We all need to reboot every once in a while…looking forward to your work going forward.

Glad you are still shooting, Jacques. Showing us the world through your eyes can only inspire the rest of us to share our own vision.

Jacques, you have great vision, no matter what camera you use. Very strong image!

hi jacques, my friend bob lussier passed me your name/blog link. great work. this image really resonates with me as an ‘honest’ picture meaning it really captured the time and action as it happened. love it in b/w. i don’t have my wordpress blog up yet, coming soon. some images at

Really appreciate the comments on my initial dabble in the world of Street Photography and Black and White. What I really like about using Black and White, and the reason I need to incorporate more of it into my work, is that it removes much of the distraction from a photograph, though I suppose it is not appropriate for all shots. I’ll have to experiment a bit to figure out the right time to shot for B&W.

Hi, Chris! Really glad Bob made the intro. Took a look at your work over at 500px and really dig the the shots “Via” and “Haze”. Please do send me the ling to your blog once it is up and running.