Weighing Options

Yep.  I’m weighing options.  Huh?  What’s that?  What options?  Where to go with my photography over the next few days, months and, hopefully, years.  Right now some of the options I’m considering, following pressure from my wife and a very close family friend, is to give consideration to getting some of my work exposed (pun not intended, but I’ll take it) in a gallery, and perhaps even offering some of my work for sale.  Not sure what to do, but I’m intrigued enough to do some research.  Thank goodness for the internet!  I’ll keep you all in the loop as I weigh my options.

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I thought you were already selling work. You should totally get on that as your photos are exceptional. I also highly encourage you getting your work exposed!

They sound like a couple of nice ideas to me. I’d like to have a small exhibition too but I need to get a small portfolio to tout around the galleries, and then there’s the cost of printing and framing them. I’ve always been told to go with a gallery that doesn’t charge you but instead will aim to make money from any sales made. Not sure this would work for our urbex stuff though as I’m not sure if gloomy mouldy buildings is something people like to put on their walls, hehe. However it all turns out, keep us posted.

Dude, you’ve GOTTA put your work in front of people, it will blow their minds. I just love your work, Jacques, finding your posts and checking your stuff out is a highlight of my day. I know I couldn’t possibly be the only one. Best wishes, my friend.

It’s time for your work to get out there! Go for it!

I have to say first that I have always admired your work – I think some of my favorites were the shots that you did at Normandy Beach. I hope you are not worried about whether your work is good enough or if it will be accepted because what you do is outstanding.

The only advice that I would offer is to simply look at what _your_ photography goals are. It’s always much more fulfilling when you’re working towards something and even better when you achieve it. Sometimes when we fall in love with something we go at it full force until we turn around and wonder where are we and how we got there. That’s usually the time to really consider what it is that you truly love about photography and figure out a way to move forward in that direction. I’m very excited for you because you seem to be looking around and finding that you have so many different options. Also, its wonderful that your wife is so supportive. I know in the long run you’ll choose what’ss right for you! All the best,


This is an awesome shot, love everything about it! Good luck with your decision!

Great image Jacques and it definitely fits the post. Good luck!

I like your idea of making an exhibition. I think your work would definitely attract galleries’ and people’s attention. You should go for it!

bob lussier turned me on to your work. it is inspiring. sometimes batteries need a recharge after working hard, a break, in some form, can be just the right remedy for the constant pressure of keeping the engine firing on al 12 cylinders. i’ll continue to watch. and wait if i must. keep at it at a pace that works, and i like the idea of changing up the genre or focus (pun intended) of your work to have a fresh concept to work with, for and at. all the best.

Sell your work, and expose it publicly, definitely!
As for where to go with your photography in the long term, just follow your instincts, and your eye. It´s a pleasure to watch your work, it should be a pleasure to create it.
Hope to go on tour with you again Jacques!

Thanks very much, my friends! I really appreciate that you all like this one. I’ve decided to take a stab at selling my work, following everyone’s comments here, on Twitter and in private e-mails. Looking at using SmugMug for general offerings, but may look into producing limed editions through other companies.

Alex – I sure hope we get one more opportunity to shoot together before I leave.

Jason – Great advice!

Chris Hines – Really glad to have a friend like Bob, and really glad you’re here now. I think I’ll just take the photography one day at a time, shooting and posting when it feels right.

Jacques, I see no reason why your work wouldn’t sell – your images are constantly excellent, well composed and processed.
However that is only half the battle – you gotta put a ton of work into getting out there and doing the research about galleries as Dave says.
Its a risk and a challenge, but you gotta be in it to win it!