Singin’ the Blues in Berlin

Sadly, I’ll be leaving Berlin very soon, off to America’s west coast for awhile.  I shot this image of the Pariser Platz yesterday, during the blue hour, as a favor for a friend who needed a half-way decent shot of this particular location for a project he was working on.  It took a bit of work to post-process this one, what with all the tourists in the square, but it was worth it.  I think it turned out pretty well.

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Love this. Terrific leading lines. Love the warm/cool juxtaposition of the sky and buildings. Awesome.

Damn, that´s sad news. We had some IMHO very memorable trips together, and I learnt so much from you! The internet is a comfort, but I hope we will explore some more before you leave Urbex City 😉

Beautiful. See you on the west coast!