Tangerine Dream

I really love great architecture, and Berlin has plenty of it.   Take this walk way to the underground parking garage, with its glowing orange tile walls.  That reminds me; did you know that the group Tangerine Dream was formed in Berlin.  I just learned that recently, and thought I’d tie the three together in today post.  Makes sense to me, at least.

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Those colors are intense!

Fantastic composition and treatment with those awesome colours.

Great composition, colors and fantastic use of shadows!

Thanks, gents! One of my favorite colors even.

This is classic Jacques awesomeness. Beautiful shadows, warm tones, and strong composition.

So many lines to follow! An incredible image captured to perfection. When you view an image like this it makes us realise why we love photography, just fantastic.

This is Awesome!!!!!!!!

Terrific shot, love the color. Saw Tangerine Dream once in concert, it was a great show.

This is one of my favorite architectural shots from you thus far. It is excellent.

How did I miss this yesterday? It is simply, a great shot!. The lines are fantastic.

eally good – the lighting is awesome all the saturated orange is lovely. Lots of lines going all over the place – my kind of shot.