Too much of a good thing

Is there really such a thing?  I suppose perhaps there is, but when I’m in room like this with so much good stuff goin’ on, I soak it all in.  Lot’s of line, steps, textures and colors, oh my!  Go big, or go home, I say!!

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Which way do you go? Awesome find and wonderfully processed Jacques!

Happens to me frequently when urbexing, that I think along those lines.
This is a fine example of the surprises an empty building can hold for you when you set out to find them!

Wow, that room has it all! Great image!

really terrific HDR, love the color! looks like a great place to explore, i probably would have been going in circles 🙂

This is delicious.

This was definitely a building full of surprises! Looked quite ordinary from the outside, but offered several photo subjects which you skillfully captured. well done! looking forward for more

I just realized how much my eyes were all over the place in this one. Great shot. Lots to look at.

thats for the win totally – really nice colours and as you say – lots and lots happening!